Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Enclaves - Hostilities

Our first meeting with an enclaves representative was the rebellious leader Farsight himself. I was shocked at the reverence he displayed for Aun'shi, however dismayed that he had fallen so far as to think himself almost an equal.

As I surveyed the welcome party all looked shabby and battleworn. Their uniformity lacking with many displaying what could only be described as personal slogans of individual virtue. Among the names of note that may be familiar to those who adhere to the Greater Good were; Commander Brightsword, Commander Arra'kon, and Sub-commander Torchstar. These names together with Farsight make up half of 'The Legendary Eight'.

Sub-commander Torchstar

Enclaves - First Contact

Our arrival in the dissident enclaves was with less than deserved respect for our leader, Aun'shi. We set down in a remote location, no honour party appeared to meet us, and we were to proceed on foot to our destination.

During this journey I spotted renegade Shas'la observing us. Their simple technology obviously no match for the advances made within the Empire. I was fortunate to capture this image of the group deploying from a modified DX8 recon drone. I have to admit that I am impressed with the ingenuity of the Fio who developed this modification which allows greater mobility to pathfinder teams, but I can only wonder at its inefficiencies and sub-optimal fabrication.

A visit to the Enclaves

It has been an honor to receive the instruction to accompany the venerable Aun'shi on a diplomatic mission to the Farsight Enclaves. We are part of a delivery of medical and technological relief for those tau and gue'la unfortunately caught within the boundaries of the dissident enclaves.

I do look forward to the opportunity to study my oppressed peers and see how they manage to function in sub-optimal conditions.

The venerable Aun'shi surveying our delegation.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Reinforcement Tidal Wave

"A cloud of dust billowed across the drop site, Al'tyr looked up from the hab schematics he was engrossed in. It took a few minutes for the dust to settle out, and Al'tyr momentarily calculated the extra work that may be required to clean the air scrubbers. Those thoughts were broken by the sight before him, a bulky silhouette formed and one of the pinnacles of the Fio Caste raised from its landing posture, it's sensor array scanning the surroundings"


Saturday, 26 October 2013

Tauren Auxilliaries Deployed

"Our enlightenment of this planet is a blessing to all creatures who inhabit it. Pathfinder patrols located a new species who had been hunted almost to extinction by the Imperium. In the human imperial tongue their name was translated as 'Beast-men' in reference to their physical features. It is reported that they are a noble species, hardy and adaptable. A mutual benefit relationship established and now many of their hardened warriors have pledged service to the Greater Good. I am fortunate to have had a small scouting detachment of these noble warriors led by one of their spirit leaders assigned to this sector to bolster the pathfinder and Firewarrior patrols already in the area."

Sunday, 18 August 2013

O'Shalissera Training Excercise Day 2

"The second day commenced with the cadre pitted against Space Marines. Lessons learned from day one assisted the cadre picking apart piecemeal the Imperium of Mans finest warriors.

The afternoon showdown again pitted the cadre against Marines of the Dark Angel Cadre. However a malfunction occurred shortly after 80% of the enemy forces were neutralized during preliminary assaults, and the simulation crashed. Earth caste technicians were unable to remedy the problem.

O'Shalisserra, though disappointed with the overall outcome of the two days congratulated the Shas'la on their efforts and urged them to think on the lessons."

Day two of the event was unremarkable. The first game went in my favor quite quickly after an aggressive flanking maneuver by Shadowsun and a stealth team. They grabbed control of half the board and took out all the heavy armour. Michael was unable to counter, but to give him something to do I threw my riptide into a scout tarpit (it got stuck there for afew turns).

The second game was very disappointing. My opponent was not a particularly pleasant individual, and he quickly threw in the towel when his landraider, Belial, 2 x terminator squads were shot off the table in turn two. I can't say I feel any sympathy for someone who turns up at a public event with a fictional army covered in swastikas, they have no place in warhammer 40k